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Krishi Nagar, Akola, Maharashtra, India

Rabi Jowar

Name of Crop/ Variety Developed by Institute Year of Release Seed Rate (Kg/ha) Duration (Days) Varietal Characters  Yield (Qtls/ ha)
M-35-1 (MALDANDI) DR. PDKV, AKOLA 1984 10 125 To 135 Earhead-Elliptical & compact with short recurved peduncle. Grain Colour Pearly white, Bold Grain. 20 To 25
PARBHANI MOTI (SPV-1411) VNMKV, PARBHANI 2002 10 126 To 129 Earhead-semi-compact Oblong with blunt apex. Seed colour pearly white with shining. Bold seed with round seed shape.  32To 35
PARBHANI JYOTI(SPV-1595) VNMKV, PARBHANI 2009 10 125 To 130 comparatively resistant to lodding,non-shattering,responsive to irrigation and fertilizer,tolerant to shoot fly and stem borer.  38 To 40
PHULE REVATI (SPV-1830) MPKV, RAHURI 2009 10 118 To 120 Earhead-semi-compact Symmetric in shape. Awned. Seed colour pearly white. Good threshability, 25-30% leaves remains stay green at physiological maturity.  40 To 45  
PHULE VASUDHA (SPV-1704) MPKV, RAHURI 2007 10 116 To 120 Earhead semi-compact Cylindrical in shape, awned. Seed colour pearly white. 25 To 28 
PHULE SUCHITRA (SPV-2048) MPKV, RAHURI 2013 10 120 To 125 Earhead semi-compact,  Good threshability, round seed shape, pearly white seed colour.  20 To 25
PHULE ANURADHA(SPV-1709) MPKV, RAHURI 2008 10 105 To 110 Earhead semi-compact, oval in shape, awned, Seed colour pearly white.  10 To 12